Thursday, January 12, 2006

what we eat

Becca is tired of making food her kids won't eat. I'm with her on that. My kids are older, and my daughter, at least, has learned to keep her opinions to herself (and, apparently, to swallow food without tasting it), but my son, my son! Even if he likes the meal he finds something he doesn't like to complain about. Last night it was the lettuce. I made this weird, but weirdly delicious, pasta dish--that both kids have happily eaten before, I might add!--and he complained about the lettuce. "Could I just have a plain piece of lettuce and then the pasta and sausage?" Well, no. Because I'm putting it all together in one bowl so that the rest of us can eat it. And I'm mean like that. (BTW, if you make the dish, I use romaine, which is crunchy and doesn't get quite so wilt-y, and turkey italian sausage, so I can kid myself that it's healthy.)

He ate it, in the end, though he picked through his bowlful to eat as little lettuce as possible.

This happens, it seems, every day. And, though I love to cook, I do get tired of it. Especially when I remember that I will have to do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. (Yes, Mark does cook, but I do more of it--mostly because I like to, so don't worry about my traditional housewifeliness or anything, please!)

I am thinking about posting one recipe a week here, things that we have liked, that are easy, that are (reasonably) healthy. And to see if I like writing up recipes, as it's something I've thought a lot about. We'll see if I actually do it. (I don't think the epicurious link actually counts.)

Tonight we are going to try Nigella's chicken nugget recipe, both because I'm still obsessed with Feast, and because--why not?

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