Saturday, January 28, 2006

I think I'm in

Or maybe insane. I think I'm going to sign up for Stephanie's knitting olympics. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to knit, however. I have a bunch of lovely recycled silk yarn that I got for Christmas--maybe something with that? I've already got one project cast on, though, so I can't use that. And the other thing I'm thinking of making with that yarn is placemats, and I hate to think that they would be a challenge. Though they might, if finishing in 16 days is the goal. I certainly have enough yarn, which is key.

I also don't want to buy new yarn. I've got four or five skeins of this (in "Grand Canyon," which is a variegated red) in my stash, and two skeins each of this in blue and purple. And some of this in teal. I think I must have planned yet another funky scarf out of that, and then gotten bored with the whole funky scarf thing.

None of this is very exciting, though that cotton blend is probably enough for...something interesting, right? But what? Oh! I did just buy some really lovely wool/silk/cashmere (in "emporio," which is a rich purply brown) that I intended for a scarf. (I could only afford enough for a scarf.) But then again, a scarf is hardly a challenge. And I deliberately bought yarn that would look good knit up in stockinette (ie, it's variegated) because I wasn't planning to do anything complex with it.

So I'll have to think some more about this. But I definitely want to join Team Wales. I don't know if I have any Welsh ancestry, but Wales was our favorite place during our travels last summer. And the music is fabulous. So that's settled. First things first, right?

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wendy said...

Hey Libby, I just read thru many of yr posts, they were riveting, all of them.

I totally love that poem by Elizabeth Bishop. One of the few of hers easy to understand.

My three favorite poets long ago were TS Eliots's Four Quartets, Pablo Neruda's "Macchu Picho" sp? and all of Wallace Stevens o and later, my still favorite is WH Aden. The "Musee of Beaux Arts" maybe my all time favorite poem, "They were right, the old Masters/ about suffering/ how... well I haven't memorized it but I think of it a lot. I love yr blog and glad you sent it to us, me, love Wendy