Monday, January 16, 2006

a theology of sleep!

Read the whole thing here:Sleep Therapy - Books & Culture.

"The unarguable demands that our bodies make for sleep are a good reminder that we are mere creatures, not the Creator. For it is God and God alone who 'neither slumbers nor sleeps.' Of course, the Creator has slept, another startling reminder of the radical humility he embraced in becoming incarnate. He took on a body that, like ours, was finite and contingent and needed sleep. To push ourselves to go without sleep is, in some sense, to deny our embodiment, to deny our fragile incarnations—and perhaps to deny the magnanimous poverty and self-emptying that went into his Incarnation."

thanks to Sam for the link

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Wormwood's Doxy said...

Libby---you cannot know how much this speaks to me. I have been cutting sleep for months now, thinking that it was the only way to get everything done and to care for everyone who needs me.

Time to rethink that....