Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Did anyone else feel that Amanda Hesser threw down a gauntlet with her cookie recipes in last week's magazine? (Edited to include permalink; thanks, Jody!)

I made the "flat and chewy" ones, and I'm going to try "thick and gooey" today. [Edited to add: "thick and gooey" are tasty but not thick. Maybe because I didn't chill the dough long enough. Life's too short.] But I have a couple of complaints already. The "flat and chewy" were too salty: 1 tbs. kosher salt AND baking soda instead of powder. I liked the kosher salt, actually, but in future I might double the amount for baking soda and use powder instead, which is way less salty-tasting. And I think one could easily scant that TBS of salt. I have spent most of my adult life leaving the salt out of recipes entirely, actually. Mark has a condition that requires a low-sodium diet, and when I started cutting salt out of things I got fewer headaches. But lately I've been inching it back into things grain by grain. It does make things taste better, no question.

But, sifting the flour with the kosher salt? Is just dumb. The kosher salt just lies at the bottom of the sifter mocking you.

She also wants you to use a mixer fitted with a paddle. Well, I don't have one. The recipe worked with my ancient Hamilton Beach stand mixer, but I just wondered if I missed something.

Finally, it's really annoying to be told to preheat the oven in step one and then told to chill the cookie dough once it's put together. I'm just saying.


Becca said...

My aunt wanted to make them all too. I'm happy with the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag, so I see no need to experiment.

Mrs. Coulter said...

I use the recipe on the back of the bag as well, except I only put in one egg instead of two, which gives you chewy moist cookies instead of thin, crispy ones. I think I did it the first time by mistake and was so pleased by the results that I have repeated it every time since.

Libby said...

It's true, people have strong opinions about chocolate chip cookies! For what it's worth, thick and gooey, while not thick, are perhaps the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever made. Not that there was anything wrong with the ones I've made before. Using chocolate chunks and shavings is definitely a worthwhile (though time-consuming) innovation.

Jody said...

Hmmm. I don't know when I'll have time to experiment with cookie recipes (I may try the two-egg version Mrs. Coulter suggests) but I wanted to give you a tinyURL to the RSS feed for the article. It's http://tinyurl.com/b6t2b and gives you free, perpetual access to the recipes (for blog use only, according to the rules).

I found the original URL via Google and then plugged it into the New York Times Link Generator at http://nytimes.blogspace.com/genlink

Mrs. Coulter said...

My suggestion is to put *one* egg in, as opposed to two, which is what the recipe calls for. Just wanted to clarify. :-)

Libby said...

Jody, thanks, I'll edit the post to include that. I actually tried the link generator myself, just as you outline it here, and it didn't work. Kept telling me the URL could not be found or might not be available, which is why I thought the "select" thing might be the problem.

Caroline said...

I'm relieved you added the link, since who knows where last week's NYT has gone (never saw it), and this week's just has fish recipes. Bleh.
Meanwhile I've been wanting to try the Neiman Marcus cookies (for which there are 2 different recipes on the web), so these from the Times will go behind NM in the cookie-testing queue.
It won't take long.