Monday, January 09, 2006

too creepy

They've arrested two men in the killings, and now they're tying another victim to them as well. It's horrible, and yet something of a relief. I hope this is's today's story

Nick is having a hard time with this. He was fine in school last week, but seemed kind of fragile yesterday (nothing too out of the ordinary, but shy and a little weepy when called on it). Today he just plain didn't want to go to school. I told him the killers had been arrested, and that helped a little, but when we got in the car he was weepy again, and so I sat with him for a little and comforted him. We tried to go to school but he so obviously didn't want to be there that I just picked up his homework and brought him home.

He keeps saying he doesn't know why he's crying, and we just keep hugging him. I told him I thought he must be sad about Stella and her family, and he said, yes, but he didn't know why that would make him not want to go to school. I reminded him that he first heard about it there, and he (quite reasonably) responded that then the kids who first heard about it at home might be afraid of their houses. And anyway, the family was killed in their house--but he's not afraid at home.

I know these things aren't rational, and he so desperately wants them to be.

Thanks, all you lovely readers who've sent me your good thoughts and the various links, by the way. I didn't link to the story last week--I just couldn't bear to. I didn't want the story in my cache, really. I've been hitting "clear history" every time I read more about it. But I am hoping that the arrest sticks, that the police are right, and that we pick up the pieces and move on. Slowly.

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expatmama said...

What a terrible situation, and such a hard thing for Nick to be dealing with so young. I guess it will just take time to work through all of the feelings. I hope the arrests bring some sort of (emotional)resolution.