Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

I don't make new year's resolutions; they just make me feel inadequate. I can give something up for Lent--forty days is doable--but wholesale changes in behavior have never, for me, been tied to the calendar. So no resolutions here.

But here's what I want:

  • less time in doctor's offices for all of us, but especially Mark

  • more time with family and friends

  • progress on writing projects

  • a beach vacation

  • one week when we can look around and say, "there's no work to do on the house" (really I want more than a week, but I'm trying to be realistic)

  • more exercise

  • What was good about 2005? Not a whole lot in the world, I'm afraid. But here are a few things I enjoyed:
  • summer abroad

  • Mariah's friends

  • our friends

  • reconnecting with family

  • knitting

  • cooking and baking

  • my $5 espresso machine from the church yard sale

  • caring less about the things that give me stress. (I know this sounds like fatalism, or obscurantism, but right now it's working, so I'm saying it.)

  • I've got fresh bread out of the oven and I'm cooking some lentils because Nigella says they're good luck on New Year's. Right now, life is good.


    expatmama said...

    We had some lentils, too-- but I bet they go much better with fresh-baked bread! Here's hoping your new year is filled with all of the things on your list...

    Masha said...

    hope you get what you want, Libby!


    Libby said...

    Thanks, both of you! It looks like we'll get #1 on the list, anyway, and that's the main thing.