Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We do what we can

Mostly I just don't want yesterday's post sitting on top. While I know the family can't move on, and there are others feeling more grief than I, I need to return to a routine, to fake it for a while. I wondered as I went to pick Nick up at school today, "will I ever feel normal again?" I know I will.

Went to see Syriana today. Neither uplifting nor escapist, but complex and engaging enough to make me focus on something else for a while. It helped. It's a mess of a movie in a lot of ways, and besides being about the intertwining corruption of government and industry it's about how fathers fail their sons, I think. There are a lot of fathers in the film, some who try and some who don't, but all of them fail their sons, as far as I can tell, without exception. Mothers, with only one exception, are strikingly absent from this film's world.


Susan said...

Oh Libby. You're lucky you don't read news. I'm one of those terrible media addicts. I just had to find the story of this awful thing that happened and I feel totally stunned. It's just horrific and inexplicable. My heart goes out to your community and everyone who was close to that family.

Also read about another family in Richmond killed the same day - a father and daughter. So, so sad.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

What can one say about something so horrible? Their daughters were the ages of my two kids. Unthinkable that someone could be so savage....

As for the absence of mothers---I keep meaning to write a post on my blog about dead mothers in Disney films. You may have just given me the push I needed.