Saturday, March 11, 2006

spring cleaning, office edition

1. Those book catalogs that you were going to look at "when you have time"? You're not going to. Toss them.

2. Even the ones with really cool pictures.

3. Students who graduated before 2000 are not going to pick up their papers. Toss them.

4. Even if you think they might be famous some day. You'll never be able to find their work again when that day comes anyway. (I have in fact, years ago, taught athletes who later made it into the pros. No one cares.)

5. Manuals for computer equipment you no longer own do not have historical value.

6. When the recycling bin is full the job is done, even if you can't yet see the top of your desk. (For the record, I can, at least in patches.)

7. Remember all those things you saved "for later" and then threw out? Do yourself a favor and don't do that anymore.

(Famous last words.)

1 comment:

Amy said...

Thanks, Libby. I will try this! Yeah, yeah, yeah....