Monday, March 06, 2006

not an Oscar post

I missed the first half hour of the Oscar telecast, putting Nick to bed, so I missed George Clooney and the monologue and the gay cowboy montage. That is, I apparently missed the best part of the show. Though I did love the woman who thanked the academy for seating her next to George at the nominees' dinner.

Unlike Lizbeth I did actually enjoy Lily Tomlin and Maryl Streep, mostly because they were so obviously having fun, when so many of the presenters and recipients seemingly weren't. And we don't get to see Jon Stewart on The Daily Show since we don't have cable, so I enjoyed his snarkiness when he allowed it out.

But mainly I was annoyed by the ridiculous hypocrisy of the repeated "go see movies in the theatre" mantra. After all, even the academy voters now get to watch most of the films at home on DVD. The (desperate?) injunction was most obviously ridiculous when they showed the montage of clips from "epic" films (which weren't all epic by any stretch--The Sound of Music, epic?). Just as we were told these scenes wouldn't translate to TV, we were showed them all...on TV. Hmm.

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