Sunday, March 12, 2006

spring cleaning, home edition

1. Even if you think the kids should be helping out, the job is really easier if you do it when they're out of the house. This may be poor parenting but it's more effective cleaning.

2. Or you could at least reduce a job or two to manageable size while they're gone.

3. That little rechargeable floor sweeper that came with the vacuum cleaner can't really handle the accumulated detritus of the last three months.

4. But it makes things look a little better, anway.

5. Isn't there something you should be doing outside?

6. Turning the music up makes the job go faster.

7. For a while.

8. Where are those kids, anyway? Why aren't they pulling their weight? You've got to go pick them up in a bit anyway. It's probably time to stop. Don't want to overdo things.

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