Saturday, March 04, 2006

more places I've been...

And here are the countries I've visited. (10 countries; 4%.) "Visited" is a nice, ambiguous word, don't you think? I've lived in two of these countries, spent weeks in one or two more, and spent more than a day in several. Two of them I only stopped in long enough to shop. I do have a spoon from Iceland, bought at some strange hour of the night when the sun was out and our plane stopped over; I don't know if I actually have anything from Germany, but I know I spent several hours there when our ship was docked. Both those visits come from my big adventure, when our whole family (Mom, Dad, and four kids under 11; I was 8) traveled from Tokyo to the UK via the USSR in the days when it was the USSR. If I remember rightly, there was a ship from Yokohama to Nahodka, a train and then a plane to Moscow, another plane (?) to Leningrad (now Petersburg), then a ship that docked briefly in Bremerhaven before leaving us in England. After six weeks in England there was a plane to the US, which involved the Iceland stopover. After some time on the east coast there was a train across the states and then a ship from San Francisco back to Japan. I missed the end of third grade and the beginning of fourth, and it was all worth it. I still have the scrapbook, too!

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