Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Here's my latest column: The Reading-Aloud Years


claudia said...

That was a nice article. I'm still in full-on reading mode but I'm already projecting years ahead and sad for that future time when neither girl will want or need to be read to. Fortunately, they're 5 and 21 months so that time is years away. I don't think I'll ever get rid of their books unless to give them to another child. It's funny how my oldest outgrew the "baby" board books but now is using them to learn to read - that they are once again relevant. And, she can read them to her younger sister. Win-win.

expatmama said...

This is so neat. It certainly sounds like the reading has really brought you together as a family. I have wonderful memories of being read to long after I could read for myself, and I too hope to continue that tradition.

Libby said...

Claudia, my daughter did the same thing with the "baby" books, both using them to learn to read and reading them to Nick. And he keeps a number of picture books around for comfort reading--as does she.