Friday, July 21, 2006

yes, I know it's Friday

but I'm out of town and I can't get wifi (grr) and so all the fabulous recipes on my laptop--or that I am imagining are on my laptop--that I might have shared with you, will just have to stay there. I do have computer access, as you can see, but the no wifi thing is starting to get old.

I should say, though, that my biggest hit as a cook last week was "make your own salad" night. Lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, marinated chick peas (there's a nice gingery chick pea recipe in the very first Moosewood), olives (only for me), crumbled feta, leftover grilled steak and peppers, carrots, tomatoes from the garden, and a nice balsamic-basil vinaigrette. A loaf of good bread. Everyone took what he or she wanted and piled it up on a plate and they were all happy. This is what hot weather does to us.

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Lilian said...

GREAT IDEA!! Too bad young kids don't like salad greens at all :(