Saturday, July 15, 2006


I have in mind a long post about home and how that's a complicated concept for me, but at the moment I just want to say it's nice to be home, at this home where I now live. And yet it was nice, this past week, to visit family in homes that I've never lived in, too.

And one of the most fun things about staying at my parents' house was having Mariah go through photo albums and even a trunk or two and explore my past, and even my mother's past, through our pictures and clothes. She scored some "vintage" outfits from Mom, and tried to convince me that my 12-year-old self was cute...Nice try, honey!

More on home another time. That's all for now.


PunditMom said...

It is so great to come home, even after enjoying the homes of others and having the feeling of being away from whatever is bugging you about your own home. Always good to be away, but even better to be back home again. :)

Anonymous said...

For about 35 years my answer to "Where's your home?" was the name of the town or city we lived in at the moment. Once we retired, we had a home!


Erin said...

I agree with punditmom. I love to travel and get away, but the best part of any trip is coming back home. It's YOUR place on the planet, nevermind that it's also filled with never-ending lists of chores and things to do.