Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Celebrating the Fourth

I don't think much about the 4th of July, or other national holidays. In fact they often seem to sneak up on me and I'm unprepared. As I was this year: we didn't invite anyone over, didn't make plans, didn't stock up on beer and burgers and corn and all that. I've never put up a flag, and even if I ever had I'm not sure I would this year with the silly debates over "flag desecration" going on. Sigh.

Sometimes I envy Stephanie the Yarn Harlot, who twice a year manages to post something entertaining and heart-warming about being Canadian. (Of course if we had Homo Milk, which I also saw in England, I'd be pretty proud, too.)

There are things I love about the US, and one day I'll find time to post about them. But for today I have a line I came across this morning, in a review of a book of Ishmael Reed's poetry. The review's author, Joel Brouwer, calls Reed "among the most American of American writers, if by 'American' we mean a quality defined by its indefinability and its perpetual transformations as new ideas, influences, and traditions enter our cultural conversation."

OK, that's a kind of "American" I can proudly be.

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