Sunday, April 09, 2006

Why it's no fun to watch movies with me

After Camille Claudel, I swore off movies about artists whose craziness produced their art. Enough, enough with the crazy artists!

After Shine, I swore off father-son crazy artist movies. I am tired of father-son problem stories. I know fathers and sons have problems. I just don't care to watch them on screen any more. Especially when they're also crazy artist stories.

After Ray I should have sworn off biopics about drug-addicted God-fearing singers.

Instead I watched Walk the Line last night and remembered swearing off pretty much every genre to which it belongs. And why.



Becca said...

After Face/Off (Face Off? Faceoff?) I swore off action and have happily stuck to it, though I'm tempted by Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I could have warned you about Walk the Line, though I did like the concert sequences.

Libby said...

Now, see I have enough of a thing for both Cage & Travolta that Face/Off was fine with me. I don't see much action but I make exceptions for a pre-gubernator Arnold, and for a few others. It's been a long time, though.

The concert sequences were fine. I just kept wanting to see other people's stories. The guys in the band, for example, or Vivian. They looked interesting. Ah, well.

Library Mama said...

I just had to write and say hi from one "mama" to another. Although, like you, I've never had anyone in real life call me that. "Mommy" for a while; now we are firmly into "Mom", but never "mama".

Anyway, I've enjoyed looking over your posts. I have found myself nodding in "Been there, done that," agreement several times.

Looking forward to more...

Quit Bloglin' Me said...

Hey Libby,

Just read your piece about reading to your kids over at Literary Mama. Nodded all through it. I'm now reading Suess books, and Little Grey Rabbit, and Good Night Moon, etc. to my grandson. You're right: hang onto those books. You will be reading them again!


Reel Fanatic said...

Funny, funny stuff, though i did, for the most part, like Walk the Line .. an Oscar for Reese was a joke

Anonymous said...

I loved Walk the Line, and Reese was fantastic. It's a great feat to play an actual person as well as she did with June Carter.