Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day care? Leisure time?

I'm really glad Becca blogged about this, because now I don't have to. I, too, found myself intrigued, frustrated, and annoyed by the piece, as it raised important issues without really getting at what for me is the heart of the matter. We've already "done" the fun-with-dad vs. chores-or-errands-with-Mom thing, haven't we? The whole question of what's life and what's child care makes me tired, perhaps because even when I'm not doing child care I may be doing it: calling the pediatrician from my office, for example, or renewing the kids' library books online because no one can get to the library today. Is doing the grocery shopping child care because all that's on the list is stuff for their lunches?

But Mark did the grocery shopping yesterday and he actually can take them to the library today, and I need to use the computer for other things, so today I'm not going to blog about this.

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