Thursday, April 27, 2006

Meme week continues...

The ABCs, found in about a third of my blogroll, I think.

Accent: My parents thought I developed one when I lived in Southern California, but most people think I either don't have one, or it's vaguely northeastern. Vaguely.

Booze: Mostly, white wine. Occasionally red. I won't turn down a double margarita on the rocks from El Coyote, either.

Chore I Hate: I can't think of a chore I don't hate, actually, except loading the dishwasher or doing laundry, so those are pretty much the only ones I do. Does this make me a bad person?

Dog or Cat: Cat.

Essential Electronics: Laptop, especially with wireless access. DVD player, but actually the laptop can do that, so just the laptop.

Favorite Cologne: Body Shop patchouli plus dewberry. People ask me about it all the time, I hope in a good way. I have also worn Mystere by Rochas for over 20 years, mostly in the winter.

Gold or Silver: Gold.

Hometown: I don't know how to answer this question. I was born on Long Island and started school there. I've lived various other places. I've lived here longer than I've lived anywhere else, but you can't claim Richmond as a hometown unless your daddy and your daddy's daddy were from here.

Insomnia: Sometimes, though the early rising lately seems to have knocked that out.

Job Title: Professor, Mommy. Students call me either Doctor or Mrs., mostly, both of which I have trouble responding to.

Kids: Two.

Living arrangements: I live with my husband, two kids, and cat in our own house on a tree-lined city street.

Most admirable traits: I'm a good researcher and a quick study. Is that admirable? I think I'm also very forgiving.

Number of sexual partners in the last twenty years: One.

Overnight hospital stays: This one surprised me. I count five: wisdom teeth, thyroid surgery, appendectomy, and two babies. That seems like a lot!

Phobias: Calling people I don't know on the phone. I used to have a job that required this. It didn't last.

Quote: "The advantage of a classical education is that it enables you to despise the wealth which it prevents you from achieving." ~Russell Green. I grew up hearing a version of this from my father, who (as I remember it) used to say, "The purpose of a liberal education is to enable you to despise the wealth it prevents you from acquiring." I have no idea who Russell Green is (I just found the accurate quotation and his name by googling "education despise wealth"), but I've lived by these words far too long.

Religion: Christian. I am, specifically, an Episcopalian, but I really object to listing a denomination as a religion. Especially when that means "Christian" means "fundamentalist crazy," as it seems to lately in most of what I read. Pet peeve.

Siblings: Three: one older brother, one younger brother, one younger sister.

Time I wake up: 5:45. Mariah's alarm goes off, I get up and shower, then I wake her up so we can both make it to her bus by 7. Yes, it's inefficient. Until this year, I would not have called myself either an early riser or a morning person; in fact, I reveled in my late-sleeping children. But I've seen the sun rise more days than not in the last academic year.

Unusual talent or skill: Like Mrs. Coulter, I can pick up small objects with my toes. So maybe it's not that unusual.

Vegetable I love: I went on a great chard kick over the winter. Sweet potatoes. Tomatoes (yes, I know they're a fruit). Asparagus. Spinach. Yum.

Worst habit: Procrastination. Blogging doesn't count. Really.

X-rays: Lots. In addition to the various hospitalizations above, two of which required x-rays, I've had knee surgery and some strange back/rib pains that necessitated x-rays. And then all the dental ones. [edited to add: Oh! And I broke my arm in 7th grade, which surely required x-rays once or twice. For someone as physically unadventurous as I am, that really does seem like a lot.]

Yummy foods I make: Go look at the Friday food listings.

Zodiac sign: Aquarius, with Pisces in various significant enough places that I usually read both and then promptly forget them.

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