Friday, February 18, 2005

Scottish Nous: Professors Work Only 6-9 Hours Per Week

From Scottish Nous: David Horowitz graced (or profaned?) the campus of the University of Colorado on Monday night, exercising his right to free speech by spewing his hackneyed, corn-fed claptrap.  Ward Churchill's wannabe arch-nemesis demonstrated that he has zero understanding of the academic life, which is no surprise given the quality of his benighted attempts at "scholarship".  From the Daily Camera:

University professors are a privileged elite that work between six to nine hours a week, eight months a year for an annual salary of about $150,000, according to David Horowitz.

Um? No. Scottish Nous speculates that maybe Horowitz means business school professors. Maybe. It's sure not us humanities types.

I really got this from Dr. Pretorius at applecidercheesefudge.

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