Friday, February 11, 2005

Alas, a Blog » The office of the future

Alas, a Blog » The office of the future: "Our economy - and, in particular, our workplaces - are still modeled on the “Father Knows Best” model, in which all workers are implicitly assumed to have wives at home, taking care of the babies. This model of the workplace is costly to women who’d like (or need) careers but are economically punished for being mothers, and also costly to men who’d like (or need) careers but wind up being alienated from a family they barely ever see."

Great discussion in the comments of various models of balancing work/family. I haven't looked at the photo-essay yet, but I find the discussion heartening: we just can't assume that the standard "Father Knows Best" model works for everyone. On the other hand, neither does bringing kids to work. I'm about to do it this morning for an hour and that's about as long as it works for me.

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