Tuesday, February 22, 2005

rookie mistake

on the clapotis, which I'm sure you're tired of, though I'm not (yet). Sigh. I bought yarn in two different dye lots, and it matters. I have just knit up a few inches of a second skein, and it's markedly different from the first.

So. Do I:
1) keep going, hoping no one else will notice? (They will; it's pretty obvious.)

2) go look for two more skeins of the old dye lot? (Yes, I bought two of one and then started with the third...just didn't look.) Then rip out a few inches and re-knit? That could work: I ripped out a whole (sleeveless) sweater last summer, so I'm not afraid of that. Though this is a mohair blend (oh, don't even tell me how mohair is not a great choice for clapotis. I already know how hard it is to drop the stitches...) so the ripping out won't be easy.

3) go look for one more skein of the first dye lot, and hope that a middle section that doesn't match is just a cool effect?

4) go buy some different yarn and start all over? Yes, that would mean trashing over two weeks' work (I'm slow), but...the opportunity to buy more yarn is tempting. Sigh.

Stay tuned.


jenniebee said...

Whatever you do, it was an intentional, genius effort to give the item Character. That is the Law of Handicrafts.

Just keep going with the different dye lot, and it's a guarantee that virtually everyone who comments on your completed project will register awe and amazement that you got such an interesting subtle color change at just that point. This is art, and you don't apologize for your mistakes - you frame 'em.

But what is a clapotis?

Libby said...

What a great suggestion! It's still on the needles; maybe I should finish it.

Clapotis is this scarf/shawl that was all over the knitting blogs a while ago. You can find it at knitty.com (sorry, too lazy at the moment to look for the link!) Or google it--you'll find a million of 'em.