Tuesday, February 22, 2005

mom stuff

Hmm, nothing here reflects the title. Time for a new title, or new interests? Obviously I'm too self-centered to blog about my kids, or something, when things like the clapotis obsess me. (I found a picture of one where someone else had the dyelot problem and she just went on, so I think I will, too. But I bought new yarn, too, just in case.)

OK, so, some mama stuff. Yesterday the kids didn't have school (President's Day, you know), but we did, so Nick came to class with me. He could have stayed home with his sister, and he could even have stayed in the office with Mark, who was done teaching already, but he wanted to come to class. Everyone went "aww" when he walked in the room, because, you know, he's so cute. And seven. And did I mention cute?

He sat at a table and read Grimm's fairy tales and drew for the entire fifty minutes. I almost forgot he was there.

This is a major milestone. The last time I brought him to class I had to write an essay about how difficult it was. (The essay got published, though, in this book: Three Ring Circus, so it wasn't a total loss. But it was hard, hard, hard.)

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