Tuesday, February 08, 2005



Switched to blogrolling because it gave me a few more options. And allowed me to subscribe to diaryland.


So I got a bloglines subscription, which means I can click obsessively on that rather than on my own site to get to the various blogs I read. Apparently this is progress.

Weirdly there are a few blogs I read that I can't subscribe to. I'm not sure why, though clearly diaryland is one problem. (I keep wanting to type "dairyland" for that, as if it were where the cows came home.)

The bloglines subscription, of course, encourages me to add more to the list of blogs I read. Sigh. This could be a full-time job. But it's not.

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carma said...

I have to say that I cannot read the word diaryland without automatically thinking it is dairyland... And then the mental image of cows (coming home no less) comes immediately to mind.

I know you're embarrassed about living in Virginia right now but on some level I'm kind of jealous... If I lived there we could throw a stink in public together. Make a real spectical of ourselves while telling the lawmakers they are making arses out of themselves.

Just a thought. :)