Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mothering at Mid-Career

My new weekly blog at Inside Higher Ed is up! So, what do you need? Leave me a comment and give me more to blog about...

While you're there, check out the other blogs, too. The Monday Mama PhD blogger, Megan Pincus Kajitani, is taking your questions. And UD (University Diaries) is about to take a sabbatical.

There are lots of other cool blogs to check out, too.

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FreshHell said...

Not sure I'm officially qualified as I am not an academic with a PhD, but I do work in higher ed and, as you remember, worked pointlessly to get an on-site childcare center at UR. It's heartening to hear that they're revisiting that and other work/life balance issues. But, I'm sort of in your boat. Those things are needed but I don't need them anymore. I limped along in those early years and found childcare, pumped milk in my office, got through it. I wouldn't call it "easy" though. It's certainly easier now than it was then. I shudder to think of the middle school years but out here in Hanover, there are some options. What I need, I think, is more time off - for me alone and to be with my kids. I need assistance with saving for college, retirement, etc.