Thursday, May 01, 2008

Finished Objects

As the weather warms up I probably do less knitting than usual, but I've still finished two things lately, and I love them both. The first, the "scribble lace" scarf (on the left), is for the silent auction at Nick's school; the other, the clapotis (is this perhaps the most famous free pattern on the internet?) is for me. I've got a couple of other projects brewing, and with the basketball playoffs going strong and baseball getting started I do have a little more TV time* than usual, so I may get to them!

*baseball is more conducive to knitting than basketball; I rely heavily on instant replay if I'm knitting while watching basketball.


Becca said...

Hmm, this makes me wonder if I should have blocked my clapotis. Anyway, they're beautiful.

Maggi said...

Saw that gorgeous thing on the YL blog and had to come commend you ~ it's lovely!