Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mama, PhD

If you've followed any of my blog posts on the Mama, PhD blog, you'll know that I have an essay in a book of the same name, coming out any day now. I haven't got my copy yet, but both editors have received theirs--and you can order one now, too! So, go, get it!


Elrena said...

So I clicked on your Amazon link, just for the fun of it (not like I don't look at it every single day anyway) -- and you can search inside the book now!!

I'm going to go do a keyword search for "drywall" and see if it brings up your piece. :)

Elrena said...

Ahh, no dice.

I can't get the keyword search to bring up anything, actually, but I'm having fun clicking "Surprise Me" over and over and over and over....