Saturday, May 06, 2006

help end the mommy wars?

Becca has some great things to say about Caitlin Flanagan's latest (no link from me, she's got plenty of publicity). Yes, women, especially mothers, may find themselves shut out from politics as usual. And yes, Flanagan's complex but --as Becca astutely points out-- she's made her name mostly by hiding that complexity, especially the political complexity she now seems to want to have acknowledged. So, as always I want to go back to Miriam Peskowitz's work, because I really think she raised a lot of the same issues in her book. Frankly I don't think either the Republicans or the Democrats speak for me, as a mother or a worker or a thinking person, but so far the Dems have done marginally better on a few issues (environment, women's rights, etc.)

But I'm surprised not to be seeing more links to this new effort by MoveOn co-founder Joan Blades and others. There's a book, too, which looks good (no, I haven't read it, nor even explored the site as much as I should). Is this a movement that could bring Flanagan, Hirschman, Warner, Peskowitz, and the rest of us all into one room? And if so, would we all want to be there?


Lilian said...

I also posted about Flanagan last week - did you see it?

I NEED to read Miriam's book (and to meet her too). I think I'll buy for myself for mother's day :) Thanks for the other book recommendations, I'll check them out.

There are so many books I need/want... I NEED to get a job!! Too bad I have to finish this dissertation first :(

Becca said...

I hadn't heard about Moms Rising! When did it start? Did you see that their book is #44 at Amazon?!

Mamacita said...

I'm really excited to learn about Moms Rising, Libby. I've always been intrigued by MoveOn's grassroots organizing efforts, and the family friendly issues that Moms Rising promotes are great ones to rally around.

The medium and the message seem like a good fit, with the potential to really take off. It will be interesting to see if it happens. Thanks for posting about it!