Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blog Book Tour: Why Babies Do That

Jennifer Margulis, editor of Toddler: Real-Life Stories..., has a terrific new book out. (Full disclosure: Jennifer published an essay of mine in Toddler. It was my first anthology publication-- Thanks, Jennifer!)

The new book is terrific. A nice chunky little book, easy to hold, easy to browse, it delivers precisely what it promises: "baffling baby behavior explained." (More alliteration for you, Dad!)

The pictures are gorgeous. The text is terrific: if you've ever wanted to know why babies raise their eyebrows, lose their hair, cry, or play with poop, this is your book. (For the record, my kids did 1 and 3, but not 2 or 4. I know you're shocked to hear that they cried.) Although the book is mostly reassuring, it does also note a couple of behaviors that can, if they persist, be signs of problems. But really, even the head-bangers are probably fine. And the hair loss (for new moms, too) is completely normal. (The dads may be another story, but we won't go into that now.)

This is definitely going on the "great shower gift" list.

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