Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Miscellany

We did not make valentines this year. Nick got a spin-art set for Christmas, and we talked about making spin-art valentines, but in the end we took the easy way out. So his classmates will be receiving Incredibles valentines today. Dibs on Elastigirl for me.

A good friend passed me a valentine note on my way out from the drop-off this morning. Made my day, really. The unexpected card is so much sweeter than the obligatory one. But see above. They really are obligatory in elementary school.

I have had a crush on Stephen Stills's voice (but really, only his voice) for thirty years. I heard "Teach Your Children" on the oldies station on the way in and sung along the whole way, even though it's nowhere near my favorite CSNY song. I'm aware that this confirms my status as a big dork. I can live with that.

I had to renew my driver's license today and I steeled myself for the long wait. I had a book, a pen, and my reading glasses, and I was ready to finish the book and start taking notes for class tomorrow. Instead, I was in and out in fifteen minutes, including waiting for my picture. Which does, remarkably, look like me.

I'm feeling the love.


Susan said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Libby!
Well, our younger girl stayed up until almost midnight making homemade cookie valentines for her classmates. At 11:30 she came up and pleaded for help. The kitchen was trashed. I said, grumpily, that I didn't think Valentines should be Homework, and we should go back to the Bad Old days when you only gave valentines to your FRIENDS. She looked aghast and said, "Mom, that's so MEAN." I felt like such a grinch. And of course that would be mean and awful, but I think this business of having to give IDENTICAL valentines to 34 kids is just... I don't know, not the POINT of Valentine's Day. Although my girl is such an affectionate thing, she probably does love all 34 of them.

Lilian said...

Happy Valentine's day Libby! (we don't really celebrate this day, not having been brought up in this culture, but I'd like to send a Valentine your way anyhow :)

Sofie said...

Happy Valentines Day, Libby! But more importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Midlife schmidlife. I hope you have a wonderful day reveling in your still-youthful glow.

Contact me if you would like to know how long it takes to do 24 handmade valentines for 4th graders, while also trying to finish a Caddy Woodlawn book report that you forgot to tell your mother was due the day after Valentine's Day.

Also, check your email for another fabulous birthday surprise.

xoxo, Kristy

Susan said...

Hi, Libby. Happy Birthday! Come over to my blog if you want some cake.