Sunday, February 12, 2006

snow and the olympics

We had snow last night, but we're not going to have a snow day tomorrow. That was painfully clear to Nick from the moment he woke up and looked out the window. "Oh, no!" was the first thing out of his mouth, despite the prospect of pretty white snow to play in today. The roads were clear, and that means school.

I feel his pain. We're at that stage in February when I just think we need a day or two off. He'll get his, next week (and he had one Friday, actually, which was a teacher conference day) but we go straight through until early March. February's a short month but a long psychic slog, if you ask me: it's time for the grey skies to clear and the weather to warm up, but they won't. And if they won't do that, they could at least snow hard, and make winter worth having.

We're having a lot more TV than usual in our house since the Olympics started. We liked the flaming skaters in the opening ceremonies, and the throw-triple-axel. And I have started my piece for the knitting olympics at least six times. So yes, it is a challenge, and no, I'm not giving up yet.

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