Sunday, March 13, 2005

not spring yet

We've had a couple of warm days this week, and a couple of other days when it snowed. This is Virginia, for heaven's sake! Where's the spring?

I'm ready.

OK, yes, to be fair, there are some daffodils peeking their heads up, and some plum trees just about ready to burst into flower. I think they were ready last week and then it snowed and they got confused. I don't blame them. I am ready to put the coats away, to pull out the t-shirts from the storage box under the bed, to stop wearing socks, all that. So ready.

I know, I should stop whining. But it's the end of spring break and I still have midterms to grade (many, many midterms). And, I know, I gave them so I brought this on myself, so I'm whining about the weather instead. Get it?

There's lots of fun with student evaluations floating around, by the way. Two of the ones melinama quotes are actually mine, but I'm not telling which ones. You can figure it out if you're really determined.

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