Monday, March 21, 2005

in the news

This morning I had Morning Edition on, as usual, as I was getting Nick and me ready for school. I usually listen with about half an ear while I make oatmeal and coffee, nag him to eat, dress, and brush teeth, make his lunch, get lost in the blogosphere, etc. Usual morning stuff.

Sometimes Nick asks me about the stories he hears. I remember one morning there was a story about expensive concert tickets and he commented that "those tickets better be made of gold!"

Some mornings I'm glad he doesn't ask me. Like this morning. Nina Totenberg had a long story about restraining orders that involved a Colorado women whose three daughters had been killed by her estranged husband, their father. Gut-wrenching.

And then of course there's Terri Schiavo. (Link courtesy of Alas, A Blog) How can I explain this case to a 7-year-old? Mariah and I have talked about it, actually, and she is pretty thoughtful and sensitive. Like Becca, Mariah and I mostly find outselves talking about how sad it all is--how hard it must be to be anyone involved in the case. (OK, except Randall Terry. I don't care if it's hard to be Randall Terry.)

I am glad that hilzoy at Obsidian Wings (linked above) raises the bulimia question. There's not much in the press about this now, though it seems to me central to the whole story: what put Terri Schiavo in this state? But of course bulimia's a "woman's issue," and this stuff, this is serious politics, right?

Yeah, right.

(My token political commentary, here only to prove the already over-proven case that, yes, women talk about politics. (There's more, but that link will get you started.) Though of course not in such a way that anyone would take them seriously.)

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