Thursday, April 10, 2008


I am stupid-tired tonight. Maybe I'm even espresso cookie-tired, but I'm not in my own house and I can't bake. Still, I can type. (A bit.)

Why am I so tired? Mariah and I are on the accepted-student-open-house circuit. We've covered about 700 miles and two colleges in two days, and we've got one college and many more miles left before we're done. Thank goodness she can share the driving: the 500 miles yesterday would have been impossible without her. And thank goodness that our musical tastes are close enough that sharing iPods through the car stereo is pleasure rather than penance.

Thank goodness, too, for friends and family who are opening their homes to us. Last night we were at Becca's, and we got to meet S and E for the first time, and get reacquainted with M, and talk about books and school and work and blogging. And this morning Becca handed over the ARC of Jenny Davidson's forthcoming YA novel, The Explosionist, which I can hardly wait to read. (I'll review it over on the other blog when I finish it...) A fabulous blogger meet up AND a new book to read--now those are definite perks of this trip.

Tonight I'm at a blogless relative's, in the lap of luxury, then we're off to my parents' house for the weekend: another perk of the trip is that they live in between two of the schools we're seeing.

So it's exhausting, but there are rewards. And at the moment the one I'm looking forward to is a comfortable bed.


kate said...

What an exciting time-- so nice that you can enjoy it together, and meet up with some blog friends along the way. So, I guess this really brings home the reality that Mariah will be off on her own next year-- wow!

readingwritingliving said...

Wow wow how exciting! I of course am dying to know which colleges you're visiting, and what Mariah is leaning toward at this point... I'm having a vicarious thrill through you because our girl applied to ONE college, which was both nervewracking but also we didn't get to experience this part of it. A big congrats to Mariah for having many multiple options!!

Caroline said...

I wish I could send you some espresso cookies!!

Libby said...

thanks, guys! Caroline, I will accept your virtual cookies in a hearbeat. (Hmm, maybe I can make them here?)

Magpie said...

Oh, fun. I hope she finds the perfect college!