Wednesday, April 02, 2008

not a photo post

This morning when I got up there was a lovely sliver of a crescent moon hanging low in the branches of a just-budding tree, due east of my house. I got out the camera and snapped a couple of pictures on the "night" setting, and another on the regular one. But, alas, what I got bears so little resemblance to what I saw that there's no point posting it.*

Nonetheless the moon in the morning somehow seemed appropriate to me. Things are a little topsy-turvy here, a little unsettled, but in a good way. It started with Easter--it's always unsettling, in a good way, to have company in the house. We cleaned from top to bottom (probably the most unsettling thing!), and then lived with much smaller children--and extra adults!-- than we usually do for almost a week.** It was great to have the long visit, especially when Mariah left town before Caroline et al did. Things were so busy and full here that it didn't seem quite so empty to have her gone.

But then Caroline and family went back home and Mariah was still gone--on her first nearly-solo vacation. She went to NY with a couple of friends, one of whom has a grandmother there. Mariah and the other friend stayed with dear friends of mine (and Mariah's) for the better part of a week, managing subways and taxis and late nights and botched plans all on their own. She had a great time, and the rest of us enjoyed Nick's spring break. (Mark was working, so it wasn't much of a break for him.)

Somewhere during all this excitement the college news started coming, and we now know that Mariah has college options for next year, so we're again happily unsettled. The next few weeks will be a whirlwind of college visits, comparing financial aid offers, considering whether waitlists are worth waiting for. There's also still the possibility that she'll take a gap year, deferring her admission (somewhere) for a year of work and travel. All this has to be decided in the next month.

All this energy has me craving a little peace and quiet. I'm seeking out meditative, even repetitive, work to give me a sense of order. I spent much of yesterday unraveling a thrift shop sweater for the yarn--it was an oddly satisfying experience to just sit and take something apart. But I've got all kinds of things I need to be putting together, too; I can't let this restlessness take over. So I'll breathe deeply and contemplate the moon that I can't see.

*If anyone wants to suggest a good point-and-shoot digital camera, I'm in the market for a new one...
**The house didn't really feel overfull at all, but one day there were workmen outside cutting trees, and the lead guy asked me "what kind of meeting are you having in there?" Apparently three adults with laptops open registered as something other than normal family life...

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