Monday, April 07, 2008

Fifty Years

Today is my parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary. What an accomplishment! They were married on a chilly Monday morning in April, the day after Easter, in 1958, and it's another chilly Monday morning this time around. Something about it must have been right, though: after one granddaughter, two countries*, three grandsons, four children**, and five homes***, they are still going strong. (Yes, those events are out of order--and I only counted the countries they've lived in together, which is actually the same as the number of states they've lived in...and far smaller than the number of states or countries they've visited or even spent significant time in.) There are big plans for a celebration this summer, but we are all scattered today, so this is the best I can do.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Edited to add:
*the USA and Japan
**living in four states: NY, NJ, VA, CA
***Dad says there were six, but I didn't count their first apartment because I didn't know about it. See, even after fifty years, there are surprises!


Claudia said...

Wow - 50 years! That IS an accomplishment. My parents barely made it 16 years.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! (It was actually six homes - counting Manhattan!)

Anonymous said...

Goodness! We were young, weren't we?



jo(e) said...

Happy anniversary to your parents!

My parents just celebrated their 50th in February. We're celebrating in May ....

(My parents have five children and ten grandchildren. Right now, we all live in the same state, although I suspect some of the grandchildren may beginning scattering about the country soon.)

I love the photo!

Lilian said...

Belated congratulations to them! They both look so beautiful in that photo. I think you look like both of them too. I remember my maternal grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary, I was six years old, I think. I hope we can celebrate my parents' in just ten years (this year is their 40th), I just hope they have more than two grandchildren by then ;-) (my brother and his wife are trying right now).