Thursday, October 04, 2007

worrying about weight

I don't really know any women who don't on occasion worry about their weight. They weigh too much, or too little, or it's in the wrong get the picture. Add to those "normal" worries the hype about obesity and the importance of exercise, and you get a recipe for, well, anxiety at the least, and some really dangerous behavior at the other end of the spectrum.

Which is why I was so happy to see this post, and the pictures. Don't do the flickr slideshow; that won't give you the captions. Look at each picture and try to guess: is this person underweight? Overweight? Obese? "Normal"?

It's hard. Because the BMI (Body Mass Index) numbers that we have all been taught are--well, at best--misleading. Others have harsher words for them.

(I got this from Jennifer Niesslein, who has all kinds of other fun stuff on her blog today, too.)

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