Friday, July 06, 2007

random bullets of catching up

  • I think I may again be competitive for bad mother award--who else takes her kid to the library and won't let him check out books? Twice? (I saw the librarian looking at me as I was telling Nick that no, we'd agreed we were just there to return books, not to check out, and I really felt bad...)
  • In my defense, it was the second (and third) time we'd been to the library (three different ones) this week and he still had plenty left to read. And I'm tired of hanging around the graphic novel section finding all the "how to draw anime villains" books.
  • We are all (knock wood) recovered from our malaise, but only Mariah is really making use of her good health. She's been working non-stop, baby-sitting and bagging groceries. I expect to be hitting her up for a loan soon.
  • When she wasn't working Mariah took Nick to the movies, as I mentioned before. They went to see Ratatouille. Unfortunately Nick decided it was no good so they left before it was over. I'm still not quite sure what he didn't like about it--this is a kid who has sat through Valiant (recently!) with pleasure, after all.
  • Mariah "treated" Nick to the movies but then had to borrow cash from him. She had deposited all her paychecks in a new bank account and didn't have an ATM card yet. (I know, a likely story!) Maybe I need to be working Nick for a loan rather than Mariah.
  • Nick is a saver, Mariah a spender. When Nick was about three I brought two large cookies home from some kind of campus event. When I picked the kids up from school/daycare I distributed them. Mariah's was gone before we got home; Nick's was in his lap, still uneaten. Both Mariah and I found this behavior somewhat disturbing. But then again this is a kid whose Hallowe'en candy often lasts until Easter (at which point it has to be thrown away).
  • We had a wonderful trip to the beach yesterday. Mariah was working, but the rest of us drove out to visit an old friend who was staying there with his family. It was a lovely, low-key visit: mostly sitting on the beach or jumping in the waves and talking. His daughter is a year older than Nick and gets along with him beautifully--it was really nice to see them taking turns on the boogie board, digging in the sand, building a sand-castle.
  • I am now half-way through my re-reading of Half-Blood Prince and am confident of being ready for the new one when it arrives. Nick is working his way through Order of the Phoenix and I think he's going to make it, too. I get it first; Nick next if he's finished with #6, otherwise Mariah. If he does get it before her, she's allowed to take it at night after he's gone to bed if she promises not to mess with his bookmarks.
  • What does it say about us that we have absolutely no routine for the summer, and it is impossible to set up a workable chore schedule, but our reading schedule for Deathly Hallows is already set in stone?
  • I have been blogging for four years as of today.


kate said...

Happy Blog birthday!

That's so great that you all share a passion for reading (or at least HP) that way. I haven't yet read any of the books, mostly because I didn't want to buy them in Spanish. So I'm just eagerly awaiting the new movie (and crossing my fingers that MIL comes to visit so we can actually go see it!)

Lilian said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!!!

I think it's perfectly fine that you have no schedule but the reading is all figured out -- by my book, you've got your priorities straight :)

I used to be a saver like Nick (my Easter chocolate lasted forever), but I've become more of a spender as years went by. ;)

Caroline said...

I agree with Lilian; you've got your priorities well in order re cleaning vs reading.

Terry D said...

Happy blogiversary!
We are on serious HP prep here too. We read it all together, as you know. Did you know the only thing Connor has ever been grounded for was for reading ahead in HP, and telling the rest of us what would happen next? I also got the bad parent award for that one--punishing reading ahead of the group...

Jennifer said...

Heya, Libby! Have time for a meme thing? I tagged you.

Hope all's well!


Magpie said...

Happy Blogging! I still have to read HP5 and HP6. But it's not happening before HP7 shows up.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

I, too, liked Valiant much better than Ratatouille! The history lesson inherent in the former was good, I thought---and I have a *terrible* time with rats. ;-)