Wednesday, May 09, 2007

bad mother award

Nick went to school last week with a black eye. He got it playing baseball out in the front yard with the neighbors. It was a plastic ball--something like a whiffle ball--but he got it right in the eye at close range. Mark and I were in the back yard and heard screaming, and it took us a minute to register that it was 1) Nick and 2) pain. Mark ran out of his shoes as we both pounded up the sidewalk to find out what was going on. We got ice right on it and it subsided after really only a day or two of bruising.

This evening Mark and I were in the back of the house and we heard a pounding on the front door. Nick has a habit of going out the back door and then pounding to be let in the front, and I was a little annoyed as I walked up to let him in. He almost fell inside, dropping his scooter on the front porch and holding his hand to his cheek. I had him in the kitchen for ice before I asked him what had happened. Face plant while attempting a trick on the scooter. Ouch. I felt bad for being annoyed when I heard the pounding.

The ice seems to have kept the swelling over the eye down, again, but the road rash on his cheek is --well, it's there. It's big. It stung when he showered and it'll definitely be there for a few days, maybe even until his dance performance next week. Let's hope not. I had a little thought that maybe some safety equipment while scootering would be in order...but then again, how do you protect your face?

(Nick says, "I'll definitely look like a settler, not like a Londoner." His dance performance tells the story of the Jamestown settlement. I think he'll be ok.)


Becca said...

I love it when people say I'm not going to post, because it means that they will immediately start posting! E fell on the playground last week and got road rash on her face. Amazingly, it didn't hurt her, but she got quite the stares from the other moms.

Libby said...

Too true, Becca! Interesting things always happen when you decide you don't need to write about your boring life. Or something.

Nick looked worse this morning than last night--his eye's almost swollen shut--but the road rash will subside.

larry said...

"I'll definitely look like a settler" --I'm still laughing!

Mom said...

At least you were at home to apply the ice!

Lilian said...

Oh dear... I don't think you need to call yourself a bad mother, though... you couldn't have prevented what happened, so it's not your fault! I'm saying this, but I know I'll feel awful when the boys get hurt playing. (they didn't yet, only Kelvin, who fell on our neighbor's front steps when he was 1 1/2 and got a horrible scrape on his forehead).