Wednesday, March 28, 2007

On my way

I'm off to a conference this afternoon. I'm having the usual pre-travel jitters: how early do I need to be there? Is the conference really this weekend? Really in Nashville? (Somehow I keep thinking maybe it's in Memphis and I've bought the wrong tickets. I haven't.) Will my paper go all right? Will anyone be there to hear it?

Am I really this needy a traveler? I look at my ziploc bag full of liquids and gels. Is mascara a gel? And why is my little bag so full? How many hair products do I need for four days, anyway? (Don't answer that, especially if you see me every day...)

I try to relax. I remember that I like to travel alone.

I like to travel alone. And I like coming home, too.


Magpie said...

Good luck with your paper, and yes, traveling alone is good. Time to yourself is good - it makes you a better mother!!

Caroline said...

Ah, traveling alone... Looking forward to the day. Read some good magazines for me!

Heather said...

Great piece, Libby; made me smile. And it actually made me think of the part in Little Women I was reading last night before bed - the part where Meg gets the advice from her mother to let her husband help with the kids and stuff.

Have fun, enjoy the alone time, and rock the conference! (I know you will).