Thursday, March 01, 2007

Before the memory fades

I made the onion soup from a recent NYTimes Sunday Magazine last weekend. (edited to fix the link: thanks, Lilian!) I knew I wanted to make it as soon as I saw it; we had really great French onion soup while in England--the kids surprised themselves by loving it despite the onions--and I had wanted to make it ever since. Usually in restaurants it's too salty, as Mariah and I have discovered to our disappointment, so I looked with favor on a recipe that wasn't based on (salty, salty) beef stock. And then Becca said S. made it, and I knew I had to do it, too.

It did not disappoint. Well, Nick didn't eat it. He objected to the consistency, which is much, much closer to pudding than soup, it's true. But the rest of us just loved it, and I ate it for lunch twice this week, and it was still good. And it's really, really easy. (Though I may just need these goggles. In the old days, when I wore contacts, chopping onions never made me cry. Then I had lasik surgery, and I can see when I wake up in the night, or in the morning, or under water, but not when I chop or even cook onions. I sliced these in the food processor and had no problems, but the 15-20 minutes while they were cooking all by themselves was worse than reading Bridge to Terabithia.)


Magpie said...

Cool - I ripped that out but haven't made it yet - it sounded great - I'm glad you liked it. Funny about the contacts - I wear contacts and have no trouble with onions - whenever I tell anyone that, they look at me crosseyed. But it is the BEST way to not cry while chopping.

Rhea said...

I agree, restaurant onion soup is often super-salty. The dish looks magnificent in the photo!

Lilian said...

Oh, I'd never thought of that small disadvantage of having Lasik... I guess I'll have it anyway :)

Gotta try this soup!

Lilian said...

Here's the permalink if you want to fix it.

the NYT says it can be accessed even after it becomes part of the NYT archives. I learned of that last Thursday. You have to clik on the "share" button by the article and select permalink and it appears on another window.

Lilian said...

I cut it in three parts, that need to be reasembled :)

Lilian said...

Oh, you're welcome! I can't believe I only saw your great gender of kids post today!