Tuesday, February 06, 2007

slightly cockeyed cupcakes

I started knitting these cupcakes from One Skein before Christmas, as a gift for my foodie nephew. And then I just couldn't stop! He got four, then I made another one and gave it to a friend who seemed to need some whimsy, and then...well, actually, then I was commissioned for four more! That was fun. So here they are, a little off-kilter but very amusing. Each one takes me 1-2 hours to knit (someone really skilled could certainly do it more quickly) and they use up odd bits of yarn so nicely. Funny, I very rarely make real cupcakes, for all the baking I do; somehow they seem to be all about the icing, and I'd rather just have cake. But knitted cupcakes, now they are satisfying.


Heather said...

too cute - they don't look cockeyed at all!

Lilian said...

They are just TOO cute (those colorful ones that you "cooked" for your nephew were even yummier! :)

I don't care for cupcakes, but these... oh, these I'd love!