Monday, February 05, 2007

Random Bullets of Monday

These waffles really are that good. (No, I didn't make them on Monday. It was Saturday, and I'm still happy about them.)
• What was with the commercials yesterday? OK, Coke had some beautiful visuals, and the Snickers ad was…something. But Please. Stop. Please, I beg you.
• On the other hand, bad commercials made for more knitting. I'm working on a fabulous scarf (sorry, can't find the link!--edited to add: found it!) and it is so much fun.
• I don't like getting up in the dark. That is all.
• How can February be the shortest month? It already feels long.
• Read this if you're skeptical about "virtual reality." Or if you're not.
• And read this, too. We had a dog in the 70s-80s whose mother was a Lab, and whose father was (best we could guess) a Scottie. For some reason we didn't go around touting her as a cool hybrid (a Scotador?). In the article cited (which, yes, Jenny Davidson linked to first, and to the one above as well) the details about pugs are particularly, um, revelatory. And not in a good way.
• I'm sitting with my back to the window and there are patches of light falling on the wall in front of me. Shadows of the steam from the radiator are racing up the walls, steam that is invisible when I turn around and face the blinding light from the window. Maybe getting up early isn't quite so bad.

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Magpie said...

Mmm, those waffles are good. I first had them after we'd stayed at a bed and breakfast and had a wonderful breakfast of an apple french toast. We asked for that recipe and got a copied page with four recipes, one of which was those raised waffles. I love them - the crispy, yeasty wonderfulness of them.