Thursday, November 23, 2006


On this Thanksgiving morning, I am thankful for:

The quiet of a holiday morning, when I am the only one up. (Because we're being thankful here I won't go on about the conditioning that has me up at the same time--o'dark-thirty--every morning.)

The thanksgiving feast we'll eat later today, most of which I won't prepare.

The friends with whom we'll eat it. And the many friends we won't see today, too many to link, some known only in cyberspace.

The foods I will prepare, including sweet potatoes anna and hickory nut pie (recipe tomorrow if it turns out well).

Family, both scattered and close (and including, of course, un-linkable family).

Knitting. (One Christmas project down, many to go!)

Tae kwon do.

Butter. (See foods, above.)

Robin Williams's Barry White imitation in Happy Feet. (While I'm on Happy Feet, how did George Miller go from Mad Max to Babe and Happy Feet?)

My students, and the syllabus design (mine!) that means most of them didn't turn papers in Monday for me to grade over the break, so that I can, instead, do this.

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Library Mama said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Libby!