Monday, November 27, 2006

Missing the bus

As I'm sure I've posted about before--but am too lazy to link now--I drop Mariah at her school bus stop every morning at 7. Or, soon thereafter. The time has been slipping all fall, and now if we leave the house by 7 we figure we're doing all right. In fact we often sit and wait at the stop for a few minutes even so.

But this morning the radio commentator noted that it was 7:10 as we were pulling away from the house, and that made me nervous. There are more cars on the road at 7:10 than at 7, and we didn't hit the lights right, and by the time we got to the stop there were no kids waiting, no other cars, no bus. So we turned around and headed out towards the other bus stop--15 minutes away, across the river. (The geography here makes it so that we're actually about equidistant between the stops, but there's a toll and a river between us and the second stop, so we always go for the first.)

We made it to the second stop just behind the bus. As we pulled up I saw one of the kids we carpool with getting out of her dad's car, and laughed: apparently the long weekend had delayed them as well. And before I pulled away two more kids (siblings) who usually take the north side bus jumped out of their car and ran to get on the bus as well.

Break's over.

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Heather said...

oh, goodness -- happy Monday, Libby...