Monday, June 05, 2006


A couple of summers ago I knit myself a sweater. Not with sleeves or anything, just a simple cotton shell. Actually, I knit it twice. I knit it once and I didn't much like how it fit, so I unravelled it and knit it again.

I wore it once.

Then it seemed too wide and yet too short (my perennial knitting problem--ask Mark some time about the sweater I knit for him, or perhaps an orangutan, early in our relationship). So I washed and dried it, and thought about wearing it again. Then it was fall and the time for sleeveless shells was past, and then last summer we went to England where it was cool and rainy.

Today when I found it in the summer clothes bin I thought briefly of giving it to Goodwill. I know I won't wear it again, after all.

Then I remembered that people buy up handknits at Goodwill and unravel them. Which means, of course, that I could unravel this and have all that yarn back. It's not very expensive yarn, but still.

I now have two large balls of cotton yarn and a sense of accomplishment. Funny how even undoing something can give you that.

*(Does anyone know why knitters call unravelling "frogging"?)


Amanda said...

....because you 'rip it, rip it' (say it fast, and in your froggiest voice!)

Libby said...

Ah, all is now clear!