Thursday, June 29, 2006

ear worm

A week at the beach with my ukelele-playing, Dan Zanes-obsessed, four-year-old nephew has left Pay Me My Money Down on an endless loop in my head.

Worse things could happen.

So just to add to the mix, I googled this video yesterday. I like it better than the Conan one, though you can watch that, too, if you like.


Susan said...

Libby! Thank you so much for that video. We saw Springsteen a few weeks ago, and this was a HUGE highlight of the evening. He has never looked so happy. It was a fantastic, fantastic concert. Your nephew has great taste.

caroline said...

Thanks for the link! Now before he plays Pay Me My Money Down, Ben has to detail the ways in which Dan Zanes' and Springsteen's versions differ.
Great Performances is showing a Springsteen concert tonight, btw.