Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I just want to note the irony that Stephanie (aka Yarn Harlot) made actual progress on some fabulous knitting the other day, and felt as if she'd done nothing, while I unravelled an entire sweater and got a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes undoing is just as good as doing, if not better.

Of course it helps that I did actually get some important reading done, and the kids were fed, and I think the dishes were even done by the time I unravelled. The sweater, that is. Other days I just come undone and there's very little sense of accomplishment in that.

Sometimes, too, saying "no" is an accomplishment, as the U.S. Senate demonstrated today. I'm sorry there weren't more than 48, but 48 was enough.

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Tante Rose said...

Well considered; well writ. Thanks