Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sour Duck: The Carnival of Feminists, Issue 3

A big "thank you" today to Sour Duck for including my post on Beauvoir in this terrific round-up of feminist blogging: Sour Duck: The Carnival of Feminists, Issue 3

(Thanks, too, to the indispensable Dr. B. for alerting me to the carnival.)

I have barely scratched the surface of the fabulous links Sour Duck pulled together; I'm sure I'll have more to say when I spend a little more time. Welcome to anyone who clicks over here from there; stay a while and let me know what you think!

And a reminder: Issue 4 of The Carnival of Feminists will be published on December 7th at The Happy Feminist. Send submissions to veryhappyfeminist AT yahoo DOT com with feminist carnival in the subject line.


Pauline Raymond said...

Good morning Libby. This is a comment *way* off your past blogs, but... here's how it happened. I want (read *NEED*) the recipe to Erma Bombeck's Elevator Lady Spice cookies... my husband passed away last year,suddenly, unexpectedly, too early in life ..... I have since sold the house, moved, am living in what was to be a beautiful apartment but was taken over by renovations at a time when I really needed to 'get myself back together' ..... so I live in chaos while they install new windows, balconies, etc. But I digress. E.L.Spice cookies were the mainstay of my family, kids, guests, and everyone loved them. Want to make more, like NOW ... good therapy. Can't find my E.B. cookbooks. Did a Google search on this subject, - and up came your blog! Very interesting reading, I must say, and I've enjoyed the few posts I've read, but am really just asking now if you still have the recipe (it's *got* to be a standby for moms!!) and would you mind sharing it? Would greatly appreciate it. my email is - yes, Ontario, Canada. Beautiful part of the world, however hubby and I travelled extensively too and have visited your area too. Guess I just have to say that one has to find the beauty in any spot one chooses to visit - it's there! Thanks for "listening" - hope to hear from you.
Have a great day - Pauline.

Pauline said...

Hi again Libby: and a *big* OOPS ..... I meant 'Peg Bracken' and not Erma Bombeck. I guess both had the same sense of humour, but just got my names mixed ... sorry. Again, - a good day! :) Pauline

Libby said...

Pauline, I'll look for the recipe when I get home this evening. I agree that those cookies are good therapy.

Melinda Casino said...

I'm so glad B. Ph.D. mentioned my call for submissions at her blog. As a result of her post, I got your submission and at least one other excellent submission.

Yay B. Ph.D.! :)

Thanks for the mention, btw. ;)

expatmama said...

Yes, it was a great post (the Carnival of Feminists one.) I had started to post a comment on it but couldn't get my thoughts together to say anything coherent (that happens a lot lately...) so didn't end up commenting. But still. I'd love to hear more about that class and how the students are reacting to it.