Sunday, November 27, 2005

out from under

Thanksgiving began early for us this year with a surprise birthday party for my mother the weekend before. We had the best houseguests ever (again!) for a week, and others for shorter periods of time. (The best houseguests ever now include a new nephew who got his introduction to solid food during this trip--bonus!) Lots of cooking, lots of cleaning, the dishwasher and washing machine running non-stop. Thanksgiving itself was an amazing feast, with so much food I felt briefly guilty (then gave it up--and a good thing, too, as it's almost all gone already). I think I bought butter every single day for a week and we are out again. And no, I don't plan to step on the scale any time soon.

It was a lot of fun, but I'm glad significant birthdays only come about once every ten years. I'll need a while to recover.

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Lilian said...

wow, it sounds like you had fun! We had a full house as well.

Thanks for commenting on my blog - it's very helpful to hear from someone who's been there (or is in academia right now :) I was going to respond by email, so I could explain better my field, etc... (I don't want to disclose too much on the blog anymore, since it's not annonymous) but there was no available email... (and I didn't want to go stalking you), but hopefully we can "talk" more later... (I will comment back on my blog as well).