Monday, October 17, 2005

three pears left

The two boxes of pears are almost gone: there are only three left. The last big batch of them ended up in this, which is very tasty. The pastry is truly well-named, too. I have a little bit of a pastry fear, but this one really was easy. And tasty. I cheated and just used chocolate chips rather than chopping up chocolate, and I think chopped would have been better, but it was just fine as is.

Mark and Nick are going to pick apples on Friday, so there will be apple baking over the weekend. I can't wait.


Susan said...

Apple picking!! Some of my very fondest memories of childhood are apple picking with my family in the fall. Hope they have a wonderful time and that there will be some good pie in your future.

Libby said...

Sadly, they've decided this isn't the weekend for apple-picking. Maybe we'll all go in another week or two. I do want some pie!